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News Update

RYBL Families,

For the 2021 Baseball season, the RYBL has adopted new age division changes. These changes were voted in to the RYBL Constitution at a special December meeting in preperation for the upcoming 2021 season. Please see the changes below. 

Section 2 - Developmental Leagues 

1. It is basic that every candidate be given the opportunity to play Youth Baseball.  

2. The 10U and 8U programs are an attempt to protect younger players while endeavoring to nurture and promote these players to the higher caliber of the12U League.  Additionally, the RYBL will provide a T-Ball league. 

3. It is the intention of RYBL to attempt to build a “farm system” or “feeder system” for advancing players to the 12U League level of play. Managers and coaches should endeavor to develop 10U, 8U, and T-ball players for advancement to 12U. 

4. The age groupings for RYBL shall be:  

a. 12U: 11-12 years old. *

b. 10U:  9-10 years old. **

c. 8U:  6-8 years old.*** 

d. T-Ball: 4 – 6 years old.****

5. *12U teams shall have the opportunity to select one “advanced” nine-year-old player, given the “advanced” nine-year-old player has played one year of 10U.  Additionally, 12U teams are allowed to have two “advanced” ten-year-old players.  The number of “advanced” nine and ten-year-old players in 12U can be adjusted by board vote to maintain full teams in 12U.

a. 9 and 10-year-old players must attend an additional, separate tryout for “advanced players” wanting to be drafted to 12U.

b. Players not drafted will automatically stay on their 10U team.

c. 11-year-old players automatically will be put in the draft for 12U unless the eleven-year-old player, by parental request with board approval, elect to play 10U.

d. All twelve-year-old players will play 12U – no exceptions.

5. **10U teams shall have the opportunity to select two “advanced” eight-year-old players.  The number of “advanced” eight-year-old players can be adjusted by a board vote to maintain team counts in 10U.

a. Eight-year-old players that do NOT get drafted into 10U automatically stay on their 8U team.

b. All nine-year-old players, not already on a 10U team, will automatically enter the draft for 10U.

c. The league with board approval may allow additional 8-year-old players to be drafted if required to balance team rosters.

6. ***8U teams shall select one six-year-old player for their respective rosters during the draft.  The league with board approval may allow additional 6-year-old players to be drafted if required to balance team rosters.

7. ****8U teams have the option to select an “advanced” 5 year old in draft with approval of the board of directors.

a. The parent or guardian of the “advanced” 5 year old shall petition the board by the January board meeting.

b. The “advanced” 5-year-old must attend tryouts for the upcoming season.

c. The board holds the final say as to whether or not an “advanced” 5-year-old is eligible for the 8U draft.

Should you have any questions or concerns please contact a RYBL board member or coach.  Let's remember this is a total volunteer led organization doing its best to provide a fun and competitive environment for your children to play and learn the sport of baseball. We hope that you are just as excited for the 2021 season as we are! Registration is OPEN --- LET'S PLAY BALL!

Thank you,

RYBL Board

Concession Stand Sign Ups are OPEN

The SignUpGenius App is now open!! Please let your parents know that they are able to sign up for one slot each. If you are sending your teen to fill in for you, please be sure they are 14 years of age or older. 
There will be NO SMALL CHILDREN ALLOWED in the stand this season as we have decreased in size since adding the new bathrooms. If you have small children that need to be watched during your shift, please see that they are taken care of prior to entering the stand as this has been a major issue in the past.
To log on the app go to: 
Click on the Find magnifying glass and enter:
Click Russiaville Concessions and it will bring up all available dates. If anyone has any questions or issues, please let me know.

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